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Chống sét lan truyền cho hệ thống nguồn năng lượng mặt trời, cấp 2

Mã sản phẩm : KZ12.*.pv.ds
Giá bán : Liên hệ
Mô tả :

Theo tiêu chuẩn IEC 61643-11

Xuất xứ: Kumwell/ Thái Lan

Ứng dụng: Thiết bị bảo vệ L+/L-, L+/PE, L-/PE trong hệ thống điện năng lượng mặt trời

Kumwell KZ12.*.pv.ds is surge arrester class II according to IEC 61643-11 Complete device consists of a base part and pluggable modules. These arresters are recommended for use in the Lightning Protection Zones Con-cept at the boundaries of LPZ 1-2 (according to IEC 62305) for equipotential bonding of positive and negative busbars of photovoltaic systems and elimi-nation of transient overvoltage that originate during atmospheric discharges or switching processes.


Photovoltaic System          
Technical Data   KZ12.U0600.pv.ds KZ12.U0800.pv.ds KZ12.U1000.pv.ds KZ12.U1500.pv.ds
Max. continuous operating voltage  Ucpv 600 V DC 870 V DC 1050 V DC 1500 V DC
Open circuit voltage of PV generator UOCSTC 500 V 730 V 875 V 1250 V
Short circuit withstand USCWPV   100 A  
Max. discharge current (8/20µs) Imax   40 kA  
Norminal discharge current (8/20µs) In 20 kA 15 kA 15 kA 16 kA
Voltage protection level at I UP <  2.6 kV <  3.3 kV <  3.8 kV <  4.5 kV
Response time tA    < 25 ns  
LPZ     1-2  
Protection type     IP20  
Operating temperrature range
  -40°C to + 80°C  
Mounting on      Din rail 35mm  
Application     L+/L-, L+/PE, L-/PE  
Failure indication     green (ok) / red (failure)  
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