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Chống sét lan truyền đường truyền dữ liệu/tín hiệu cho 1 đôi cáp, Imax=20kA

Mã sản phẩm : KSMH.TC
Giá bán : Liên hệ
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Xuất xứ: Kumwell/ Thái Lan

Ứng dụng: bảo vệ đường truyền dữ liệu/ tín hiệu cho 1 đôi cáp

Kumwell KSMH.TC series of surge protective devices has been developed to protect against the effects of induced voltages onto data, signal and communication circuits.

These efficient overvoltage barriers contain both coarse and fine protection stages and provide longitude and transverse surge protection.

The initial protection stage comprises a three-pole gas discharge tube and is designed to divert the primary surge energy. The subsequent fine protection stage is carried out using fast bi-directional silicon avalanche diodes. Care is taken in the design of this fine protection stage to avoid capacitive line loading and thereby ensuring a low insertion loss and wide operating frequency range.

Series line impedances ensure energy co-ordination between the coarse and a fine protection stages at all levels of the insident surge. To protect against the hazards of electric shock and fire which often results when power frequency  contact occurs between power and communication lines (often called main incursion), a thermo-clip is included on the primary protection stage to devert the power frequency current to ground.

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