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SVL Kumwell KZ.ISG100-RW

Mã sản phẩm : KZ.ISG100-RW
Giá bán : Liên hệ
Mô tả :

Kumwell KZ.ISG100-RW is a voltage limiter designed for overvoltage protection of personnel and equipment in DC and AC rail traction systems. It is recommended to install this limiter between the current return path and non-electrified parts of structures laying adjacent to the rails. In case of overvoltage, KZ.ISG100-RW generates a durable conductive path between the overloaded area and the railway’s substation.
This results in increased current loads that are sensed at the substation, tripping the safety switch and thus protecting personnel and equipment. all overvoltage generated by lightning are effectively limited by internal construction of KZ.ISG100-RW.

High Power GDT For Overvoltage protection in railway networks
Technical Data                                                                                                                  KZ.ISG100-RW
Examinations according to   IEC 61643-11,
EN 50122-1
DC-Sparkover voltage   300 to 500 V DC*
AC-Sparkover voltage   > 250 Vrms
Impulse sparkover voltage at 5 kV/µs - for 99%   < 1200 V
of measured values (wave 1.2/50 µs, 6 kV)
Max.impulse discharge current (8/20) Imax 200 kA
Nominal impulse discharge current (8/20) In 100 kA
Max.lightning impulse current (10/350) Iimp Q 150 kA
–  Charge W/R 75 As
–  Specific energy   5500 kJ/Ω
Rated withstand current   up to 8 kArms / 100 ms (AC-mode)
up to 20 kArms / 30 ms (DC-mode)
Behaviour after substantial overloading   internal short circuit inside KZ.ISG100-RW body
Insulation resistance at 100 V DC Ri > 1 GΩ
Capacitance at 1 MHz C < 5 pF
Protection type   IP66
Operating temperature range ϑ –40°C to + 90°C
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